Blockchain modules

Specialized in creating custom blockchain-based modules exploiting best frameworks such as Substrate and CosmosSDK.

Substrate Blockchain CosmosSDK

Polkadot network

Developing on the polkadot network in order to have a better inter-blockchain environment.

Polkadot Parachain Network

Web3.0 ecosystem

Exploring all technologies behind the concept of decentralized web.

Web3.0 Stack DApp Serverless

Interoperable blockchain protocols

One of the main reason why blockchain technology has not achieved her full innovation capacity is the incompatibility between networks. That is why we think protocols such as Polkadot and Cosmos will help distributed tech to reach new use cases in every sector.

In particular, Polkadot network and its pooled-security feature allow businesses to achieve blockchain benefits without the need of an incentive mechanism to secure the network.


Modular software

The development of blockchain-agnostic frameworks such as Substrate will let business to adopt blockchain technology in a simple and fast way, without the pains to create a new software from scratch. In the future organizations will be able to choose to “plug-and-play” already made modules or to develop a custom one without taking care of low level concepts regarding distributed technology.